Friday, September 10, 2010


I think my new approach will be making a bulleted list of my recent thoughts. I will try to accompany these with photos in the future. This one will be short

  • is it weird that i can recognize any former Top Model cast member? hello chick who walked like a duck and now sells Macy's furnishings
  • today i was waiting for the bus and a man walked up who had very visibly urinated on himself. i got really sad/ grossed out because how am i ever to know if someone like that sat on the seat before me
  • i've realized Justin's attentiveness has made it so I'm unable to take care of myself or get anything done when he is gone. i currently need to go to the dry cleaner, tailor, bank, store and dmv
  • why is it so easy for me to get sad? lately i feel so lonely when i often have no reason to be. i worry about my friendships and people i haven't seen in a while. do they like me? are we friends anymore? why am i afraid of using the phone?
  • do you think i will eventually be forced by society to get a smart phone? i feel like it is going to happen and i dread that day
  • sometimes i feel like i'm really very stupid, but somehow have tricked people into thinking i'm competent for many, many years. i mostly feel that with my new job
  • i commend steig larsson for making me a reader again. i will gladly pick up his books instead of flipping on the t.v.
  • i want to travel so very badly. i am itching ITCHING to go anywhere