Saturday, April 26, 2008

i should never have started a blog. im terrible at it.

so, i write to you from my friend's couch in eagle mountain, utah. i ended the week in salt lake and decided to give my pregnant, mormon friend a visit. annaliese can never just be "my friend" but "my mormon friend" and now "my pregnant mormon friend" or maybe "my pregnant, married mormon friend" and soon "married mormon friend with babe"

this past week wasn't too bad. i was in sunny areas for the most part. denver, phoenix, grand junction, etc. on thursday i was in portland, or. justin came down to visit me, which was wonderful. we had the worst group of participants in portland. worst!i came back to my table after lunch sometime to find a lady sitting at MY desk talking loudly on the phone. she did not bother to move when i approached her so i politely asked her to move from my chair.

she proceeded to just scooch over to the chair next to mine (still behind my table). i didn't really know how to handle such horribleness, so i wandered around for a sec and came back and politely asked her to move to a chair nearby. she got up and stood against a wall so she could be in glaring distance of me. 15 minutes later she came out of the class and delivered her evaluation. the evaluation had an essay about how "unprofessional" i was while she was handling an "important legal matter on the phone" and that after first asking her to move i told her to leave.

ummmmmm. ??? some people are so blatantly retarded i can't stomach it. what is sad is she was fairly close to my age, so i can't blame her attitude on menopause or old-people grouchiness, but plain ole BITCHINESS. and i like how she acted like it was out of order for me to ask her to move. if you came into work one day and found someone sitting at your desk, talking on their phone wouldn't it be assumed they had no right to be there???

anyway...that's my rant and it's a much better one in person. Portland is not Seattle's kindred city, but filled with huge bitches.

better things... i had an interview with the Alzheimer's Assoc. last Saturday and a phone interview with the Seattle Children's Museum last Friday. i'm waiting to hear back from both, but i really, really want the former. now i'm acting like i already got it and am looking for apartments. im so antsy!

wish me luck! comps about to die so ill say goodbye

p.s. as of june 1 justin and i will be homeless. if you know of any apts in seattle let me know!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

not much

i write to you from columbus, ohio.

this is a long week and im looking forward to the weekend!! i'm going to a wedding in denver.

last week i had a spring break. i really did pretty much nothing. i sat around, played alot of board games and ate alot of food. i did see some friends and went to a couple gatherings. got scared out of having children even more at a baby shower. good times

this week i'm with an instructor who is really nice, but he tells A LOT of jokes. not very funny ones. he also makes me play Name That Tune in the car. where he sings or hums songs and makes me guess what they are. gooooood times

OH the reason i'm writing this. i'll finally be somewhat in the Seattle area when i go home. Justin and I are moving into a place in Normandy Park. it is a room in an older woman's house. that isn't an ideal situation, but we'll have our own living space, beach access and it is hella cheap. 10 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from downtown

i'm getting toward the end of my stint as a traveling gypsy so i'm looking for jobs. if you're ever really bored please e-mail postings about public relations, communications, marketing or related non-profit jobs in the seattle or portland areas to LMMCNEIL@GMAIL.COM. haha

this is laaaaaame but im sleepy