Friday, May 9, 2008


- i got a job if you didn't know. as of May 23 (a day after i get off the road forever with BER) i start at the Alzheimer's Association in Seattle as their Donor Relations Coordinator.

- getting a job did not relieve my post-travel job woes a bit. for a while i constantly looked at craig's list for an uber cheap apartment. Liz Fact: i obsess over money

- just today Justin and I were hired on as Property Managers in Capitol Hill. Property management = free rent. A free 2 bedroom in a nice area at that! Can I get a woot, woot!! exciiiiiited. do you live in capitol hill or the seattle area? yes? than we will haaaang out

- tonight i was supposed to be flying back to seattle. however, portland, maine hates me. and i hate it! i got delayed here which meant i woulda missed my connecting flight so here i am at a holiday inn waiting for my 6 am flight tomorrow. my one day in seattle in a 5 week period. my one day!! portland, me delayed my arrival in vegas, too. damn you maine.

really. i guess that's all. if you have a decent couch, table and chairs or bike to sell i will be needing those items. cough em up