Friday, May 9, 2008


- i got a job if you didn't know. as of May 23 (a day after i get off the road forever with BER) i start at the Alzheimer's Association in Seattle as their Donor Relations Coordinator.

- getting a job did not relieve my post-travel job woes a bit. for a while i constantly looked at craig's list for an uber cheap apartment. Liz Fact: i obsess over money

- just today Justin and I were hired on as Property Managers in Capitol Hill. Property management = free rent. A free 2 bedroom in a nice area at that! Can I get a woot, woot!! exciiiiiited. do you live in capitol hill or the seattle area? yes? than we will haaaang out

- tonight i was supposed to be flying back to seattle. however, portland, maine hates me. and i hate it! i got delayed here which meant i woulda missed my connecting flight so here i am at a holiday inn waiting for my 6 am flight tomorrow. my one day in seattle in a 5 week period. my one day!! portland, me delayed my arrival in vegas, too. damn you maine.

really. i guess that's all. if you have a decent couch, table and chairs or bike to sell i will be needing those items. cough em up



Taune said...

yay, that's so exciting you guys got a management job! now you can be less cheap!

Jill said...

we'll need to talk soon. i have a lot of questions.
1. what do your duties as property managers involve?
2. when your flights get messed up, who deals with that?
those are starters.

nikki said...

I'm so excited to see you on a regular basis :)

Julie said...

Congrats with everything Liz!

I'm wondering the same thing as Jill...what do you do as a property manager and how do you find out about such a place to live?

Sara said...

Congrats on your last day of work!!!