Sunday, February 13, 2011


Did my title get your attention? Good!

Oh, man. Monday started out like any other Monday at home working in my pajamas. I saw a call from my friend Sarah B and considered not picking it up b/c I assumed it was a butt dial. Sarah and I aren't big phone people - especially in the morning on a work day. My curiosity got the better of me.

At first I couldn't tell if Sarah was really amused by something or near tears. Turns out it was the latter. She had just gotten off the phone with Sara M, who said her husband Kyle (and our good friend) was currently at Swedish in Seattle. Half of his body had gone numb and he was taken to the hospital where they found he had a large brain tumor. I started crying as soon as she said brain tumor. We both cried and blubbered. Then I called Sara M and we cried.

Fucking Brain Tumors. Should I be cursing on my blog? Well, I don't care, I'm going to. When Sarah said brain tumor it brought a rush of horrible memories back to me. My Dad passed away from brain cancer when I was in high school. He had an aggressive form that was inoperable and he only lived about 6 months. It was the most devastating time of my life to watch my Dad go from a brilliant, funny guy to unresponsive.

Sara M didn't know what kind of tumor it was yet, but said she would let me know when they got the results from the MRI. I know myself and many other people who knew about Kyle probably couldn't focus most of the day on Monday. Sara M finally called me in the late afternoon and GOOD NEWS! Kyle's tumor is benign and can be removed easily - well easy for brain surgery. PHEW!

Although Kyle's brain mass was ultimately not cancerous, I kind of feel like brain cancer is all around me lately. Last week I read that celebrated local newswoman Kathi Goertzen has brain cancer and then I received an e-mail from the Western Journalism Department informing me that my college PR teacher had passed away from brain cancer. WTF?

I was only in real distress over Kyle during the five hours when I didn't know what the diagnosis was, but overall the last week has made me take a look at life, my friends, my family and how brief everything can be.  If you are reading this and I consider you a friend or family member, know that I love you. I may not express that enough or even know how to express it sometimes, but I do. Very much!
P.S. Kyle had surgery on Wednesday and is doing well so far!  


Jill said...

Boooooo for brain tumors! And I love you too!

Diana said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that again. I love you.

marla said...

So GLAD to hear he's doing well! But it must have been AWFUL for you during those few hours of not knowing! BIG Hugs to you!!!

The Nedrys said...

That is so scary and I am sure brought back all sorts of sad thoughts and emotions! My sister-in-law is currently battling cancer and while it is not brain cancer, I can so understand how difficult of a day that was. I am glad he is doing well. He is lucky to have such wonderful family and friends around him to lend support.

Megan said...

Oh no! Glad he is doing better. I do love your body organ drawings :-) and of course love you too!

Liz said...

Thank you so much everyone! Please don't be concerned about me, but keep the Meagher family in your thoughts/ prayers! Emily, I hope your sister-in-law is doing okay and I'll think happy thoughts for your family.