Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny Girl

Sorry, I guess I am failing again at posting on a regular basis. Hopefully most of your are managing fine without my blog.

Last night Justin and I watched the Comedians of Comedy. Brilliant name, right? It is a special that features comedians like Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford, David Cross, Brian Posehn and Doug Benson. If you aren't a stand-up connoisseur such as myself you may not know who half of those people are.

At some point in my adult life I switched from attending music concerts to spending my dollars on stand-up shows. I like to believe I've seen some of the best of the best over the last 5 years or so. Every time I go to a show I think to myself, "Whyyyyy? Why not meeeee?"

Stand-up shows always remind me it is my hidden, or not so hidden, dream to get paid to be funny. Except I have made absolutely no moves to achieve that. I've thought about Improv class, but never done it. I contemplated open mic nights, but then cringed at the idea. I've even written down jokes for a routine, but then inevitably threw the paper away. Sigh

The best comedians remind me that I wouldn't know what to do with myself on a stage. Everyone has different senses of humor and mine is 1) dissipating with age and 2) comprised mostly of conversational sarcastic retorts. Maybe someone could stand with me and I could just respond to them in a funny way? Haha

The dissipating with age part is a weird and unexpected thing. My Mom (whose sense of humor I usually neither find funny or understand - sorry Mom) once told me she used to be hilarious and everyone said she was funny. Used to be? How does someone used to be funny, I wondered? I totally get it now, though. My high school yearbook had the word "funny" written as an adjective for me dozens of times all over the pages. Now I feel like I'm usually more awkward than funny. Or maybe I just don't have a yearbook to capture people's thoughts? Hmmmm

Justin told me that if I was a stand-up comedian I would be a combination of Maria Bamford, Lisa Lampanelli and Daniel Tosh. I think he was basically saying that because I'm mean, loud and quirky. I didn't disagree. 

Anyway, maybe when I'm 40 and all my funny has officially dissipated I'll wander into an open mic night. People get more comfortable with themselves and less afraid of embarrassment as they get older, right? That's why the geriatric strut their stuff in gym locker rooms while teenagers cower in corners?

: )


OurSoundHome said...

I love the improve class idea, do it!

You and Kyle should do open mic together one time, he has thought about it too.

P.S. You are still sooo funny. You don't need a yearbook to prove it anymore ;-)

Katie said...

You have not posted anything new in a long time......