Monday, January 14, 2008

snow yo

yesterday i traveled to the east coast with no knowledge that it would be bombarded by snow. my connection from Detroit to Providence was canceled. what is maddening, however, is that they canceled many flights in anticipation for snow when it didn't actually start snowing until 3 am this morning.

so, i hopped a plane to hartford and then drove to providence. i had a wonderful wait in the Detroit airport. boo. upon my arrival to Hartford i jumped on the Hertz courtesy bus to retrieve my rental car. it was at this point i overheard a young couple saying they were heading to Providence as well. they hadn't actually purchased their rental, just reserved it.

i decided that if i was to face the perilous snow this week i might need some extra karma points to get me through it. so, i offered to give the dewy-eyed lovers a lift. they proved to be decent company and assisted me in my inability to successfully find my way. i found that Dan and Beth, the names they provided me, moved from Wisconsin to Providence recently. like 90% of the people i seem to come across, Beth grew up in Washington state. Beth is a lab technician and Dan works for a company that sells and maintains aquariums. i dropped them off at Dan's place of employment and was delighted to see that it is called "Something Fishy." DanBeth are expecting a little DanBeth this summer.

this weekend im doing a stayover in Las Vegas with 20 other program managers. i'm worried. this weekend will definitely interfere with my usual schedule of going to bed before midnight. im not sure Vegas will suit me. i'm convinced it offers only 4 things to its visitors: 1) gambling 2) whores 3) buffets 4) pricey alcohol in abundance. besides whores, i could really do without the other three. and by whores i mean buffets.

my luggage has yet to catch up with me. i feel like a smelly homeless person. its good times.

what did you and taune say about me jill??


Justin Steyer said...

Vegas does have some whorish buffets!haha

Taune said...

only the worst of things.

i'm glad danbeth weren't serial killers. good intuition!

nikki said...

You left out another thing vegas has to offer: pricey entertaining shows. Like the knights of excalibur show (you get to eat your meal with your hands like in olden days) or Cirque du Soleil...

Jill said...

hmmm... what did we say? i think it was along the lines of "liz isn't really that busy traveling all over the country, i'm sure she could make it up to bellingham for my birthday."