Monday, January 7, 2008

i'm back

wow im the worst blogger

really the only reason im writing now is because i can't get to sleep (it's 2 am in waltham, ma) and i thought jill might wanna read something. i think she's the only one who reads this. haha

so, im back on the road after a 2-week break for the holidays. it was pretty fab times overall. i wish i could have seen more of my friends and for more time, but i accomplished alot considering everyone is strewn about the place in a haphazard manner.

christmas was nice if not mildly boring and new years was alright. at least i should remember what i did at this time next year.

this weekend i am on the east coast...sorta. well, you can see where i am. haha

in my attempt to have a more seattle-based locale, i posted an ad on craigslist to find a room share for super cheap for the weekends im home. most of the responses i received were either pretty creepy or very undesirable. like sharing a one bedroom apt. with a 29-year-old male for $200? suweeeeet. if anyone has an extra room i could rent for pennies let me know!


Sarah said...

did you ever figure out what you did for New Year's last year??

Jill said...

wait... why don't you want to share a one bedroom with a 29 year old who i'm assuming is a total babe/broke?

nikki said...

First of all, shut up. I read your blogs. In fact, i've recently been checking every day to see if you have a new one since you're back on the road.

Second: I have totally seen like THREE ads on craigslist by men basically looking for live-in gf's in exchange for free housing. One guy was like "i will buy you your food, but i want companionship..." hahaha

I have seen some GORGEOUS apartments and houses for relatively cheep on craigslist. I would love to snap them up right now, but no one wants to live with me :( If i had a place in seattle, you could totally crash on my can still totally crash on my couch in marysville, but we would have to figure out a way of getting you up here. It's cool. I'm resourceful. Just let me know if you're ever interested.

Annaliese said...

Not sure how I missed the fact that you have a blog for the past several months. I'm ever so glad now though:) By the way, that was probably the cutest card I've ever gotten, thanks. The most recent update: I had a dr. appointment today, so I can safely assure you that as of today, it's alive and ticking.

Did you go place your vote on my blog for boy or girl?

Jill said...

taune and i have been talking about you. i'm not going to tell you if we've been saying good things or bad things. i think you should have to guess.