Monday, November 29, 2010

Take Me Somewhere

It bothers me to no end that there is this huge, amazing world out there and I only have so much free time and financial resources to commit to its exploration.

Growing up I never really went anywhere. Every time my mom and I went on vacation we went to California. California. California. There is nothing wrong with the Golden State, but I really missed out on a good 20 years of traveling to new and exciting places on my parents' dime. Gotta love her, but now firmly grounded in her 60s, my mom has only been to a chunk of states and Canada (possibly Mexico?). What I find more troubling about this is it doesn't seem to upset her in the slightest.

I'm guessing our parents come from a simpler time when plane travel was less prevalent and necessary. My mom, like her sister and her mother before her, just doesn't see the need to circumnavigate the globe. Sometimes we are the way we are because of our parents and sometimes in spite of them. I want to go to every part of the world because my mom didn't, not because she did.

Anyway, I bring all this up because I recently discovered Round the World Plane tickets. For those people who knew about them long ago than my apologies for how overly excited this discovery made me. One plane ticket with so many possibilities. I could spend hours on or just planning out a traveling adventure. I feel like the tickets are so cheap for how many places you can go!

Take a look at the itinerary I made: Seattle - Edinburgh - London - Barcelona - Zurich - Rome - Goa - Bangkok - Tokyo

I've been told I have the rest of my life to travel extensively, but I kind of disagree. If I choose to have children I feel like my dreams of seeing the world will be squashed. So, I told Justin we have until I am 33 to buy a Round the World ticket. It will happen!


Jess said...

That would be awesome. Ricky and I talk all the time (actually talked about it last night too!) about where we want to go before we venture into the realm of children! I love to travel. I think you should do your 'round the world trip!

Annaliese said...

I was really glad I did a semester abroad. Even though I was on a ghetto poor budget, I got to live in Paris for 3 months and see everything there. And then I did weekend trips to Rome (best place EVER) and London. I'm all about the civilized, non-scary countries (which crosses most of Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe off the list). Except Egypt, which is currently number 1 on my list.

marla said...

Having a goal of traveling around the world by a certain age is a great idea! Time flies so fast I hardly know where the years have gone. Oh - and we'll babysit for you while you're on your trip! : )