Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Curse of New Year's Eve

Since we are officially in December I started thinking today about what I should do for New Year's Eve.

TANGENT: This is going to sound terribly scroogy and awful, but I do not thoroughly enjoy holidays that require me to fill up my social calendar. These include Halloween, July 4th, Valentine's Day and New Year's. Maybe when I'm 60 it will be acceptable, but on these days I feel like I can never just sit around the house and watch T.V. if I want to. I have to be doing SOMETHING. With PEOPLE. And even though I always have plans of some sort there is usually a three-week period prior to the holiday where I worry I will have no choice but to sit at home watching T.V.

Back to the matter at hand. I am dreading New Year's Eve this year. DREAD. Not because I have to be social and consume large amounts of champagne, but because my New Year's is cursed. CURSED. Let us revisit some of my New Year's Eve adventures from the last several years. Oh, it will be fun!

2009   This New Year's Eve began with such promise. Justin and I were in our fairly fabulous Queen Anne digs with a view of the Space Needle from our very own balcony. I toyed with having a gathering at our place to take advantage of the vantage point, but ended up planning on going to parties elsewhere. For some reason I chose this evening to upload, design and order a Shutterfly photobook (I think a coup was expiring), which caused us to leave our apartment at 10:30. By the time we got to the party location there was absolutely no parking within 3 miles. Why would that be on NYE on Alki?? Another party was in Renton, so that was not happening. Justin and I decided to head back to our apartment to catch the fireworks from our balcony. We didn't make it and ended up with an obstructed view from some street in Belltown. FAIL: Expiring Coupons + Parking

2008  We started our New Year's celebration at my friend's brother's condo. There were many dogs, people, munchies and wine. No complaints. We left there to see Hell's Belles at El Corazon. As he often does, Justin loaded me up with copious amounts of overpriced liquor. Enough drinks that I eventually fell over into a magazine rack shortly after 12 am. Despite protests that I was simple awkward and clumsy, El Corazon didn't like that and made us leave. I then turned into a drunk demon and ran away from Justin into the night. When Justin caught up with me I was in the stairwell of a swanky senior citizen apartment complex. Eventually we got a cab and I yacked out its window. FAIL: Liz + Alcohol

2007   Justin and I decided to ring in the New Year in Bellingham. I honestly don't remember why. I was excited to find that a good friend would be at the Nightlight, so we decided to make that home base. The vibe was lackluster and Justin's very terrible friend showed up. He made derogatory remarks about other people and was generally awful. AWFUL  FAIL: Awful People

2006 I do not remember this NYE. I've asked many people if they remember what I did or if I was with them, but notta. The Lost NYE   FAIL: Poor Memory

2005 I wanted to stay in Bellingham, but the person I was dating wanted to go to Seattle to see his friends. What I thought would be a fabulous party ended up being us and another couple in a small apartment watching television. We eventually headed to Gas Works to watch the fireworks. At this time the other couple decided to get into a very heated argument. She took off and he followed, leaving us behind. We made it to Gas Works, but didn't find them. After the fireworks we discovered they had headed back to the apartment without us. This was before a time when I at least kind of knew my way around Seattle, so we did not have a good time finding our way back to the apartment. Plus I was walking in high heels the whole time we were lost and wandering. Upon getting back to the apartment we were told it would not be a good situation for us to stay in the apartment as planned, so we slept in our car. SLEPT IN OUR CAR...IN DECEMBER. Who does this to their friends? I don't. It's been 5 years and I am still enraged by this memory!   FAIL:  High Heels + Awful People + Being Lost + Sleeping in Car

I can't remember any other New Year's Eves, but I've given you enough to show why it is a dreaded holiday. It is always either memorable for how awful it is or not memorable at all.

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Jess said...

We usually now spend most of our New Year's Eves with Ricky's family. A couple years ago, they decided they wanted to celebrate the "presents" part of Christmas on New Year's Eve and use Christmas day as a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. So it makes it easier on us in regard to the split families on Christmas day, but also means we don't get to go to many fabulous New Year's Eve parties. :-)