Sunday, November 18, 2007

and the beat goes on

hello friends and family

i write you from a hilton in chicago. a pretty swanky hilton. at least my room is.

last week was pretty awesome. i started the week in savannah, ga and ended in orlando, fl. georgia and florida are pretty fabulous.

i had the best instructor by far last week. she was too hilarious. by the end of the week i found i had adopted her oklahomian accent and tendency to randomly shout things. if i do this gig again next year i will def request her.

she did inform me that i look like a puppet/ cartoon though. she said i shouldn't take it negatively, but i don't know how to take it positively either. haha.

justin flew out to meet me in olando on thursday! i planned a stayover there and it worked out so that he could come, too. soooo exciting.

we spent the whole day at Epcot on Saturday, which was pretty neat. justin took better photos than i so i won't post any right now. we acquired free tickets to Epcot by attending a time share presentation. a rather painful experience. we were told it would only last 90 minutes total, but they stole about 2.5 hours of our lives. i got so agitated that i snapped (in a composed manner) at the old man who refused to let us be on our way. i wish i could have recorded what i said because it was pretty fabulous. every day my balls get a little bigger.

despite that painful experience, it did save us $150, so i can't complain toooooo much.

this is a short week since thanksgiving is coming up, so im excited about that! i miss you all!


Jill said...

i was totally wanting an update this morning... and it finally came. and your scarf is about 12" long at the moment!

Justin Steyer said...

Awwww, I completely forgot to give you the photos today. Those was the quickest 4 days I can remember. And yes! Yes you were a total badass when handling the soulless timeshare a-holes - I'm so proud!