Friday, December 7, 2007

wow im awful at updating

i can even begin to relay the last couple weeks with any real detailed accuracy...

so, last you heard from me i had done a weekend stayover in florida.

thanksgiving was nice. i technically had 3 thanksgiving dinners thanks to justin's mom, my mom and nikki's mom. can't get enough of that stuff.

this week i did a conference. conferences last 2 days instead of one and i travel with 4 instructors instead of 2. i also partnered with another lovely program manager. all the ladies were pretty fabulous in their own ways, so despite some high maintenance issues and large numbers, it was a good week.

i got to celebrate my mom and aunt's birthday with them. the first 2 days of the conference week were in anaheim so i went there ahead of time last friday. my aunt lives near anaheim and my mom flew down. that was the only california date i have through march, so it is serendipitous that it fell right on their birthday weekend. the last 2 days we conferenced in seattle and today i'm in portland.

ill be spending the weekend here, so that should be good times.
today my instructor is a crazy canadian woman. i worked with her for the conferences and she is just a hoot. she is loud and has a very distinct canadian accent. she also adores her "wonderful, loving husband Leon" who still makes her face light up after 35 years of marriage. she dotes on the man so much its almost nauseating. haha. but cute.

florida and thanksgiving photos!


Justin Steyer said...

Damn, we look good! haha

Taune said...

i was wondering if you'd ever update! those are some spiffy glasses you two are wearing!

Jill said...

that's cool and all... but i heard you got a new scarf. ;)

Jill said...

grrrrr..... update!