Thursday, February 7, 2008


i'd also like to add that i have had 2 amazing plane rides this week. amazing because of the phenomenal views

on my flight into boston we passed between a set of clouds. one layer on top and one below. i seriously thought i was looking at heaven. the way the light shown through and how we were surrounded on all sides. i probably looked like i had a learning disability because i sat drooling with my nose pressed up against the window for 20 minutes. i cursed the seat belt sign and the distance between my camera and i. i wish they had rentals amongst the clouds.

yesterday the sun was going down on the horizon as we flew into el paso. the setting sun cast layers of brilliant, gorgeous colors along the skyline. purple, blue, indigo, red, orange, yellow. oh, man.


Jill said...

nice use of "indigo" ... you don't hear that too often.

Jill said...

do you know your schedule for april yet?