Sunday, February 24, 2008

v-day and all that good stuff

hello loyal...and not so loyal readers

i'm back on the road again

i just finished a week long break. i sat around and slept alot and ate like crap and saw friends. if i didn't see you we will have to catch up next time! whenever that will be

i had a most excellent Valentine's Day. justin, being the wonderful boy he is, got me really fabulous, thoughtful things. he actually made chocolate covered strawberries for me and chocolate coconut clusters and peppermint bark. he also made me a flower arrangement with fake flowers. he really got in touch with his feminine side to make stuff that fit me perfectly. haha. it should be noted that he is still "all that is man." he also got me earrings and exercise DVDs for the road. you may know that i despise tipping, so justin made me cards to put on restaurant tables. haha (please refer to photos)

the saturday after valentine's day (since i got in late the 14th) justin and i ate at the Melting Pot (yum!) and stayed at the Hotel Max in Seattle. it was so fun!

during the week i went to Bellingham. saw miss megan on the way and then taune, jill and kayla up north. saw katie on the way down. this job requires too much planning to see friends. haha. i was going to venture to bremerton, but decided it was best to do so another time.

im officially a graphic artist. i designed a logo for justin's mom's ebay site. it isn't very good but im a pretty lame artist. (refer to visual)

OHHHHH so ive officially decided not to pick up this job again in october. i tossed the idea back and forth in my head many times and finally realized the reasons i wanted to do it again weren't very good ones and that i'd prob be pretty miserable if i did. i contacted the PR firm i interviewed with last summer and i'd pretty much have an internship with them right now if i wasn't contracted to b on the road another 3 months. they pretty much said i was awesome, though, and gave me warm fuzzies.

justin interviewed with the seattle times and federal way mirror for internships and found out he got the mirror job. still waiting on the times. now he is looking to move down to seattle. i made him a cake to celebrate (photos).

that's all. sorry no funny stories

oh, wait! i also forgot to tell you i went to arizona the weekend before my break. justin met me down there and we stayed with and hung out with his old braski friends. it was lots of fun. i got to ride ATVs for the first time!


Justin Steyer said...
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Justin Steyer said...

Haha, thank you for the "all that is man" disclaimer!

As for your logo, it is damn good. You are not "a pretty lame artist," Lies, lies, lies!

Taune said...

i agree -- the logo is damn good! and the cake looks great, too!

Jess said...

The Melting Pot!? Make me want to make cheese fondue right now. MMMM. So does this mean in 3 months you shall be grounded here in Pac of NW?!?!

Sara Jo said...

Well I'm glad to hear you had a spectacular week off. I hope you make it down here before sometime. Miss you!

Sarah Lou said...

I am super bummed you didn't come to Bremerton. I was really looking forward to seeing you! But next time... or else!


Jill said...

that cake was awesome.

nikki said...

awesome cake. And i didn't know you despise tipping. Huh. And props to Justin for making delicious looking treats! When are you home next? we need to hang.

Katie said...

Look at me, leaving a comment!

I miss you, Liz-a-ma-goo! I'm glad things are going well and am remarkably embittered that you've now been to Graceland.

Hit me up the next time you're in the area, we shall hang!