Monday, March 17, 2008

nikki reminded me i wanted to write this...

not a whole lot is happening. well i guess some things

i'm in syracuse, ny today. every week i just get flung back to the east coast. every week! i was on the east coast last week, but i got to be with my favorite instructor, miss linda, for a second time. lucky me! the woman is sooooo hilarious. love her.

this weekend i finally got to go back to washington. man, does it feel good to sit around all day. last weekend i went to nashville, tn for a group stayover. that was ok. i was disappointed we didn't really do anything. we went to bars and that was all. no country music hall of fame or opry. boo.

the week before nashville i had some medical things i needed to take care of and it was just an overall horrible week. that week made me want to be off the road for good more than i could handle sometimes. ahhhhhh!

i barely made it on my flight from phili to seattle on friday because it was oversold. i saw a "famous" person on my flight. the only reason i care enough to share this encounter with you is because i noticed him in a peculiar way. i only had two magazines to entertain me for a 6-hour plane ride, so naturally i read almost every word on every page. in my People mag i read an article about American Idol alum Blake Lewis and the assortment of tattoos he has. (article photo below)
later, as i drank my OJ and tried to sit through a second viewing of Million Dollar Baby***, i noticed a familiar tattoo on the wrist of the person in front of me. i sat poised with my People mag waiting for the gentleman to eat his pretzels, so i could match the tattoo to the article i read. through cherry blossom branch tattoo matching, i deduced that blake lewis sat in the row in front of me. weird coincidence!

p.s. lewis apparently is still waiting for super stardom b/c he was sitting in a middle coach seat. i don't even sit in middle coach seats.

did i tell you justin got an internship with the seattle times? i think i did. well, now the poor boy is trying to move himself down to seattle. he has one place near the airport that is a good possibility so far. i'll be so glad to live somewhat closer to seattle!

oh, i also am in serious need of a job. J-O-B. as of may 22 i will be jobless and that frightens me. eeeep! i don't even remember how to construct a cover letter.

*** is Million Dollar Baby not the most depressing movie ever made? hilary swank's characters always get royally messed up


Kathie Mc said...

Let me be the first to comment on your newest entry. You've always been a great writer & I truly enjoy reading about all your travels & adventures! It's hard to beleive how grown up and worldly you have become. I also love the pictures you share, that dirty old man was right, you are beautiful. Keep watching Cold Case & be safe.

Jill said...

don't you know that this is exactly what i have against tattoos? when i become uber-famous, i will value my privacy so much that i will be thankful to not have imprinted identifying marks on my body. thank you for proving my point.

nikki said...

I'll keep my eyes open for jobs!