Friday, May 21, 2010

death and moving

oh sheash. i am moving next week to a land ever so far away called SeaTac. shock! amaze! horrify! i'm pretty torn up about the whole thing. the apartment we are moving to is brand new and 3 bed/2 bath, so i am compromising nothing as far as size and niceness is concerned. however, i have this terrible notion that people who move past the west seattle bridge or north of green lake are forgotten forever.

i think i would be less depressed by the idea of living farther away if i knew where i would be working. if i work in tacoma i have to drive back to seattle to see friends. working in seattle isn't much better b/c a lapse between work ending and hanging out means i drive all the way home and then back to seattle or hover and wait. hover. hover. wait. sigh. i have to acquire things that will lure people to SeaTac. examples: HBO for True Blood viewing or Rock Band for fun or a giant trampoline

Girl is dying. who is Girl you might ask? Girl used to be my Dad's dog and at some point became my Mom's dog. she has a truly unfortunate name my Dad bestowed upon her, so do laugh at its ridiculousness. some people look at animals and think "You make a lot of high-pitched noises, I shall name you Squeaky" or "You are orange, I shall name you Carrot Top." My Dad must have said "You are female, I shall name you Girl."

  Girl as a wrinkly little puppy. So cute

Girl is 15 years old, which in human years means she could practically be Betty White's mom or at least her wise, significantly older sister. My mom called me earlier this week to let me know she decided to put Girl down this weekend. She has a hard time standing and is in a lot of pain (Girl, not mom). I agreed to go down tomorrow. I want to go down to support my mom, but I honestly have no attachment to the dog and would rather imagine she took a long vacation than sit and watch her die. Did you know you can be right there as they are euthanized? Ack!

My lack of sadness over the thought of Girl dying made me start to think I am a terrible person. But then I thought of my Mr. Tyrone dying and felt like the world would end. We aren't expected to love every animal unconditionally I suppose.

What does make me sad is thinking of how Girl is such a strong representation of my Dad. My Dad loved her so much and that dog loved him tremendously. She was able to be apart of the things my Dad missed and carries that terrible name as a reminder of how wonderfully weird my Dad was.

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Annaliese said...

I remember when you first told me your dog's name was Girl. I thought it was pretty hilarious.