Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I will write in this

Too much swirls around in my head and I need to put some of it down.

I'm pretty proud of myself that I gave my blog a new, swanky look. Maybe I will be more enticed to write in it if I like how it looks.

So much is happening these days. I thought that unemployment would be a life of leisure, but I am either busy, busy or being toooo leisurely. While I am really happy I decided to quit, I am also worried about so many things. When I had a job I ignored all of the articles, news segments, and talk about the recession. "I have a job - it must not be that bad" Well, it is. With our California trip, I guess I've only been looking for a couple weeks. Why does it seem like forever?

So far I haven't volunteered or read dozens of books or learned Spanish or picked up a new hobby. My day usually starts at 11 and I look at jobs and watch t.v. in my pajamas for hours. I like sleeping and pajamas so much. Justin does like having dinner ready and waiting at 5 p.m., though.

No more for now. Much to say, but later


Annaliese said...

So proud of you, actually updating the blog! Good luck on your interview tomorrow!

Sarah Lou said...

I'm digging the new look!