Sunday, April 24, 2011

You're Invited

I wanted to share my recent adventures in invitation/ card making with you.

Justin's sister Elysia is getting married on the 30th and I needed to make invitations in a hurry for her bridal shower. My friend Megan has amassed a very impressive and large collection of scrapbooking supplies, so I asked if I could use her stuff and pay her for anything used. We spent an hour and a half going through paper and ideas, but I eventually threw my hands in the air and said "Forget it! Let's go to Target!"

So, we went to Target and I picked out what I deemed to be a reasonably adorable pattern. I don't know if printing on the invites was even an option, but I decided to hand write all of them. Ugh. I was sickened by the site of my own handwriting by the end.

When it came time to list Elysia's bra and underwear size I couldn't think of appropriate wording, so I decided to draw a stick figure and point to the bra and underwear areas to indicate sizing. Classy!

My friend Katie is getting married in June and even though I did not enjoy the invitation process for Elysia's, I still volunteered to make the invites for Katie's shower. Why?? With more than 30 people on Katie's guest list I knew I would not want to handwrite anything.

I picked up some neat petal envelopes at Paper Source in a Tiffany blue color and decided my other colors would be black and white. Dear, dear Megan also helped me assemble all of these invitations and provided me with some additional supplies. The invites for Katie's shower also included an inserted piece of paper in the same blue color that listed her registeries and lingerie sizing. No stick figures this time.

I sealed the petal envelopes by using punched out pieces of printed paper. I had to glue around all edges to keep it secure. Turns out the petal envelopes were my downfall because they were all returned to me with an ask for more postage. Apparently envelopes can't be square?? Bah!

Big thank you to Megan for helping me!! In fact big shout out to Megan in general. My lovely friend helped me with two sets of invites, gave me a bottle of Pasek Blackberry wine today and helped me be less dumb at Math. Love ya, lady!


My friend Heather asked me to help her with an Easter cupcake project and I readily accepted. Cupcakes soon became cake balls (the non-stick version of cake pops), which I've never made. Heather brought all of the supplies over and I served as her reluctant assistant.

I know cake pops/ balls are time consuming, but I did not know they are virtually impossible to make attractive. I think I became discouraged quickly and pouted through the entire experience. Poor Heather! You can see how difficult they are by how - interesting - they turned out. Haha. I think I'll stick with cupcakes! It was great to spend time with a friend trying something new, though.

Haha awesome

I made a frowny face to represent my feelings about cake balls

This woman must be a witch. Her cake balls and pops are flawless!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Love the Paper Source invites! And the gift note is too cute! Nice work!