Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good week

so, it's wednesday of week 2.

this has been a good week. started monday in Rochester, NY, yesterday in Boston and today in Portland, Maine. Right now I'm in Bedford, NH.

this week is good because I get to drive the whole time and not sit on a plane. driving is a million times better than flying! new england is so beautiful at this time of year. gorgeous green, gold and red trees line the roads. like literally every road. you see trees on either side and not ugly buildings. love it!

i cant think of anything to write so ill answer questions people asked.

- i saw Eric, the annoying Jewish one from BB. i was told that's his name.
- i am all alone now. but last week if i referred to "we" i meant the 1 to 4 other program managers i was with during the first few days of on the road training. if i say "we" in the future that is due to a) me suffering from schizophrenia b) me speaking of an instructor i am with or c) me speaking of another program manager i've met up with on the road.
- during the day at my job i do many things. these things include setting up audio visual equipment, registering participants, coordinating lunch options, doing stacks of paperwork and making sue we get to the next destination efficiently and safely. i dont wish to go into further detail at this time.

P.S. My instructor is a wonderful former biology teacher. He is funny. However, he attempted to take his pants off in front of me today and when I said, "Are you depantsing in front of me?" he said< "I didn't think you'd notice."


Jill said...

"i dont wish to go into further detail at this time."

that just struck me as really funny. plus, i'm pretty jealous you get to see a new england fall.

Jess said...

I too agree that I am jealous you get to see fall up there. Very jealous. And as for you seeing Eric, I wish you would have known my love for him (shhh don't tell Ricky haha) and made him call me or something. I am glad you are enjoying your job!!!

Kristen said...

you are pretty amazing.

Jill said...

ok wait, new "pants" development. what was the locale of this attempted "depantsing?" hotel room? conference room? how would you not notice that? i'm fascinated by this whole encounter!

Justin said...

Indeed! How does one not notice a depantsing?

Taune said...

how was maine? i plan on making that one of my next adventures.
i'm glad this week is going well! pantsless man must have made all the difference.
i look forward to talking with you again!