Thursday, October 25, 2007


this blog thing is mildly addicting when you have anything mildly amusing to say.

so, i write you from providence, ri. specifically, i write you from the johnson and wales inn. if you would like to picture where i am, think back on "The Shining" (lets hope nothing like the featured photo happens)

yes, im in an old, slightly creepy hotel. quaint, though. my instructor and i ate in their restaurant. i told him the boy who seated us was dreamy. he was dreamy. in a "the olsen twins meet ken doll" kinda way. to my relief his more shrewish, bespectacled, olive-complected counterpart became our waiter. i didn't want to be distracted by the other guys good looks anyway. i do like a little eye candy, though. being around teachers who are all around 35+ years old grows tiresome.

justin, you can skip the previous paragraph

i should clarify that my instructor also did not take down his pants entirely, yesterday. he tends to fidget with them and often forgets to zip his fly. when i caught him, however, he had the belt completely undone. i dunno bout that fella.

this weekend i am doing a stayover here in providence. im pretty excited, but it will be weird. it is my only solo stayover i have scheduled. hmmmmm.

so, yesterday miss jill cox messaged me on the facebook and asked if there is anyway to mail me stuff on the road (like mail it ahead of time to a hotel i will be staying). my own mother has not even thought to do that. i didn't even think to do that. whether or not jill actually every sends me anything doesn't really matter. she asked and that is neat.

p.s. i did about wet myself over the idea of getting to a hotel and having personal mail waiting for me, though. ya know...if you have stuff...lying around...that you'd like...wanna send me...ever. hint hint.


Sarah said...

I didn't realize you were writing blogs for your adventures!! I'm excited and glad. They, like you, make me smile. LOVE!

PS. I don't know about your instructor, either... he sounds iffy.

Jill said...

i got a shout out!

nikki said...

oooh, new england. I bet the driving thing is pretty shweet. Nice break from airplanes. Airports. Obnoxious people in and around those places... :) glad everything is going smoothely!