Sunday, October 21, 2007

week 2

So, i write to you from my hotel room in Rochester, NY. The view from my window looks out onto a grassy courtyard. It is square shaped with white benches on every side facing one another. For some reason it creeps me the hell out. I've included a photo.
The first photo you get and isn't it the most exciting thing ever???

I was in an airport or on a plane from approx. 8 am to 8 pm today. Counting time changes and all. Soooo much fun! I did see the annoying jewish guy from Big Brother, tho. No one cares about that except Justin's mom and sister I'm assuming. haha. I really hope that isn't the only "famous" person I see with this job.

Tomorrow I fly to Boston, but then I get to drive the rest of the week. I'm excited about that!!! Yay for driving.

Bed time. Radissons = sleep number beds = awesome


Justin said...

Yeah, I can see why that courtyard freaks you out!

Jill said...

you're such a woman of the world, liz.

Jess said...

Which guy from Big Brother!??!?!?!?

nikki said...

radness that you got your phone back! Hey write a blog about what you have done for WORK! What do you do? Are you traveling with someone (Jill and I both seem to wonder)?

Elysia said...

That courtyard is pretty creepy. it reminds me of a place that human sacrifices could be done. i dont know why that is the first thing that pops into mind.

marla said...

Yeah - that courtyard looks like a cemetery - the kind where it's required to have all the headstones flat to the ground for easy mowing (priorities, huh!). You could sit on a bench of your choosing and meditate on the meaning of life.