Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing That Girl: A Guest Blog

Forward by Liz McNeil

Hi everyone. So, in case you didn't know my blog is H-O-T right now. So hot that my good friend Ms. Heather R. Sambrook requested she be allowed to test out the blogging world by guest blogging on Life as Liz. Since Heather is as, if not more, witty and fabulous than myself I responded with an excited, "Please do! I would adore it!"

Give Heather a warm welcome and please leave a comment to support her blogging efforts!

Blogging is the new black. It seems like all I hear about whether it be at work, from friends or from “the media” in talking about social media.

In my role as a marketer in a mid-size company, I see so much possibility in the way businesses can utilize this (usually) free media, engaging their customers and building buzz.

In my real life, as a 24-year-old girl from the ‘burbs, I love blogs. I like funny blogs. I like cute blogs. Long blogs and short blogs, its like looking through the window into someone’s mind and seeing what is most important to them. The way people manipulate their blogs and address what is happening in their life (here, now and for reals). Yes!

So, as an avid consumer of other peoples’ wittiness, cleverness, humor, and ideas, I have wanted to write a blog. Just dabble. Maybe a witty post here and there to showcase my own awesomeness.

BUT, here’s the problem. I have a job. And a social life. And a boyfriend. All three major time-suckers. Only probably because I also like to sleep everyday. (Some people, I know!). But now, Liz has agreed to let me guest blog!!!

HOORAY! I can try it out without the commitment. I wish all of life were like this! Imagine, “Oh, I’d like to take these jeans home, wear them a couple times, then decide if I’d like to buy them”, or “Yeah, this place looks nice, but I should probably live here awhile before making a decision”, or even, “Yes, I will order this plate of food, but if the person I am eating with’s looks better, I’m switching *Insert cute smile with arms up adorably image here*.

SO, awesome people who follow Liz’s blog (and I know you’re wonderful because she has very discerning taste and is incredibly witty and awesome herself), please let me know what you would most like to hear about. Here are some of my first ideas:

  • Awesome words that I have learned from Liz and how they make my life better.
  • Coupons, and how they are taking over my life (Groupons, especially Groupons, included.
  • The Pros/Cons of Bridesmaids
  • Grab-bag (something AH-MAZING to be determined at a later time, like when I’m not at work…)
So, leave a comment and expect something wonderful in a week or so! Christmas is coming early this year kids! Or, well, really maybe a little late, but I’m glass half full, so it’s coming early.

Your Guest Blogger,


Diana said...

Will awesome be one of the words you learned from Liz?
Good to see another person's viewpoint.

Rachel said...

Heather, I truly believe you need your own blog. Eventually you will end up in the "family way" like me and their will be no time for blogging. Your time is now!

RocketStar said...

I enjoy reading your blog!