Monday, January 10, 2011

Road Trip

Justin and I went on a weeklong vaca and just got back on Saturday. I don't feel like doing much writing, but I'll give you the highlights.

We flew down to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. We stayed with these people:

Aren't they totes adorb?

We did a lot of shopping when we got off the plane and saw this guy:

New Years Dog

We went to Carissa's friends' house in Irvine for New Year's Eve and I did this (note the adorable little woman in purple). I'm not a good dancer and I think you can see familial embarrassment on my cousin's face.

We hung out with our cruise friends and saw my aunt and uncle. I fell in love with a baby who smiled at me alot. We went to Denny's twice in three days.

Why are you the only place open 24 hours with alcohol?

Then we went to Justin's aunt's place in Studio City. Her boyfriend Mark is part of one, or several, fancy Hollywood guilds. So, we watched awesome movies still in theatres while we were there. We saw:

The Fighter - I have no idea what all the hype around this movie is. It wasn't terrible, but just kind of lack luster. Waaaa waaaaa. Plus, I may never find Christian Bale attractive again.  C-
127 Hours - Looooved it. Amazing story. Great acting. A-
Casino Jack - I saw less than half of this, but I give what I did see a D
I Love You Phillip Morris - Interesting story and pretty good acting. B-
True Grit - This was really good up until the end, which kind of made the rest of the movie seem not so great anymore. The young girl in it should def get an Oscar nod. B-

We left Studio City in a Penske moving truck filled with lots of old stuff and headed back to Seattle. We stopped in Lodi, CA and saw these people. We drank beer, talked about weddings and admired all the red and black in John's apartment.

We left Lodi and drove to Medford, OR. We drank wine on the way (not in the car, at wineries). Stayed at my favorite hotel chain - Hampton Inn. Drove from Medford, OR to Salem, OR. We stopped in Grants Pass and got this at a questionable looking Chinese restaurant:

So much greasy food
After more wineries and more driving, we got to Puyallup Saturday evening. We unloaded the truck and Season 3 of Hoarders played out in front of my eyes. 

1,107 Miles. 3 Hotels. 1.5 Million Calories Consumed. 6 Wineries. 1 Book Read. 5 Sets of Friends & Family Seen. $100 in Movie Tickets Saved. 110 Gallons of Gas


marla said...

Season 3 of Hoarders . . . I beg to differ! haha!

Diana said...

Did you realize that the location for the movie 127 hours is where Trina lives?