Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Very Different Books

Since I only read about 6.5 books a year, you needn't worry about me writing many blogs about my adventures in reading. However, I read two books since Christmas that I found worthy of discussion.

The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule
A friend gifted this book and Rule's telling of the Green River Killer to me as a Christmas present. Although I am very interested in true crime stories I was mildly embarrassed to receive both at the same time. Only because I thought the Thai restaurant patrons would think I was creepy for some reason.

I'm going to assume you know at least something about Ted Bundy and his connection to the Pacific Northwest. I thought I knew a good amount, but this book opened my eyes to how uniquely horrific he was. I also realized I didn't really know that much about him or what he did. I'm kind of okay with that. Some random thoughts:
  • I feel like I've heard a dozen stories from people who say their mom new Ted Bundy or somehow have a connection to him. This guy got a round, so it is quite possible anyone living in Florida, Washington, Utah and Colorado could be separated from him by six degrees or less. 
  • Ann Rule knew Ted personally. They worked at a help line (iroooony) together for three years and he confided in her for years during his trials and imprisonment. This connection to Ted made her an unreliable author. Ted Bundy was so unbelievably awful that I would've flicked the switch to his electric chair myself. So, reading along as someone doubts his guilt, talks about how charming/attractive he is constantly and empathizes with him the whole way was mildly disturbing.
  • The creepiest part about this book, and society in general, is it shows that if you're even mildly attractive and charming you can get away with murder - literally. People fell in love with Ted Bundy everywhere he went and some fool even married him and birthed his baby when he was in prison. Plus, law enforcement retards let him get out of jail on two separate occasions. The second time he went to Florida and killed 3 more poor women. 
Anyway, serial killers suck ass. Rule's attention to detail and my overall rage about what Bundy was able to get away with kept me glued to the book. It was also interesting and frightening to read about so many familiar places - UW, Seattle, Tacoma, etc. Intriguing read.

One Day by David Nicholls 
I read this book in the truck on our way up to WA from California. I ordered this book because Entertainment Weekly led me to believe it was about two people who have a one night stand and then decide to meet on the same day every year to smush. It was not about that at all, but still very good.

Are you a When Harry Met Sally fan? You should be. Despite thinking Meg Ryan is awful and finding Billy Crystal unsexual, this is one of my favorite movies. Most love stories in movies and even books are based on pure passion and brief heated affairs. When Harry Met Sally is one of those rare gems that is about best friends who fall in love and live happily ever after. I heart when friends become lovers.

Anywho, One Day is similar to WHMS. It's about Emma & Dexter who have one night of snuggling and snogging and continue to be friends for the next 20 years. I can say snogging because they are British. Oh, how I love the British. Em & Dex face trials and tribulations over the course of their lives and the question of whether or not they will ever get together looms throughout. It doesn't help that Dexter is an incurable man whore in search of fame and Emma is bookish and conservative.

The book was engrossing and a tear jerker for sure. I hear Anne Hathaway is slated to play Emma in the big screen version. Hmmm whatevs

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