Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Santa Brought

So, I have many ideas swirling in my head for blog posts. When I posed some of the ideas to Justin he suggested I get this one out of the way first because it is the most timely. Also, prob the least weird. Aren't you excited for the future blog posts now??

Christmas came and went on the 25th. I still have gift exchanges to come, but I thought I would show you some of the neat things I received so far.

A large box wrapped in damask paper sat in our living room for about a week. I did some gentle foot nudging and declared it was a Kitchenaid Mixer. Justin told me if I thought I was getting a mixer I would be greatly disappointed. I also surmised it might be a sedated baby French Bulldog. However, on the 25th I unwrapped the big box and yes, it was a mixer. A beautiful one with lots of wattage and a giant bowl that lifts up and down. We can make cupcakes, bread, pasta, etc, etc!

We went over to my Mom's for Christmas. Dinner was delicious and unique. Justin and I received a bounty of gifts, but I'll share some of the highlights. Apparently my mom struck upon Liz gift-giving gold at some hotel gift shop in California. I recieved individual cupcake stands (shown below) that are so damn precious I could spit pink. They scream bridal or baby shower to me. I went to their web site and was disappointed to see how pricey they are. Guess I will have to use these as a template and make my own!

 At the same place my mom and aunt picked up some precious cupcake accessories from Meri Meri. Cute cupcake liners and a carrying case that looks like a tiny French Patisserie.

From the same hotel gift shop my mom picked up this oven mitt from Heavenly Hostess. I am in love with damask, so this is perfect for me.

Those are the highlights. I also just realized that the gifts I'm sharing with you make me look like Mrs. Susie Homemaker. NOT TRUE. I never cook, but these items happen to be quite loveable.


OurSoundHome said...

Your husband and mom are AWESOME! Those are such fun, perfect gifts for you. :-)

Katie said...

Umm... I don't see the true crime books on local serial killers listed in there..... :-)

Laura said...

eh, i'm over the whole 'susie homemaker' moniker... you got awesome gifts! i got some kitchen stuff too :) a knife sharpener, ice cream maker, mandolin.

can't wait to see your creations!