Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcakes, Cakes & Related Creations

So, a while back I posted a blog showcasing some of the cakes and cupcakes I've made. Here is another round of that.

I made cupcakes for a baby shower at my old job. Just basic cupcakes and frosting with "It's a Girl" toppers I made.
PROS: Toppers turned out pretty well
CONS: Don't use chocolate cake with white/ pink wrappers. Also, don't dump the top layer of your cake caddy on the bottom layer.

 Halloween seemed like the perfect excuse to make themed cupcakes. I poked around the internet, but ended up making something entirely my own. Love when that happens. Cupcakes are covered with fondant.
PROS: Everything! I really like how these turned out. Even more I like that it was my own idea and I had an excuse to use the tub of black fondant.
CONS: I'd like to make the pumpkin a little more realistic if I do these again. Otherwise, love 'em

I made a cake top and cupcakes for John & Tina's engagement party. This where my original idea came from - Cake with Green Fondant Circles
PROS: Good experience in what not to do and I kind of liked the topper - at least it was my own idea. Accidentally made a tasty buttercream frosting recipe when I botched my attempt at white chocolate mousse frosting.
CONS: EVERYTHING ELSE. Nobody asked me to make this and on Friday night I wished I'd never wanted to! I am not going to tell you how many hours it all ended up taking me because I am mildly embarrassed. Plus, we will also not discuss the cost of new supplies (although I can use them all again). In the end the cake looked pretty lopsided and no one seemed to be terribly impressed. I think John and Tina were even fairly underwhelmed. Haha. 

While coming up with ideas for the engagement cake I played around with making gum paste flowers. They are hard! Not sure what kind of flower this is - Rose?

I took a Holiday cupcake class at Sur La Table. They gave us great tips for recipes and decorating ideas. The one that is red swirled blew my mind. We cored the center and filled it with Peppermint White Chocolate Ganache!
PROS: Delicious recipes and a few new techniques.
CONS: I've told this somewhat comical story to a few people, but I was kind of the star of the class. You know when you don't think you're very good at something, but everyone else is much worse? A couple of times women from the back of the class came up to the front to see what I'd made and the instructor said (after I made the green tree cupcake) "Oh, you're just waiting since you did it perfectly the first time." This did not make me feel special - just awkward.  

Phew that was very long. If you have any ideas for something I can make let me know!


Justin said...

If I didn't have a wife who makes amazing cupcakes, I'd definitely hire ya!

OurSoundHome said...

You are amazing, and so talented, Liz.

P.S. I think the cake is purdy! ;) nice work my friend!

Sarah Lou said...

I think they all look amazing!!

PS. For the baby shower cupcakes with light colored liners, you could double-line them.

And now I want a cupcake.

Liz said...

Thanks so much you guys!!

marla said...

GREAT use of the tub of black fondant!!! So cute! AND your LeTable (?) cupcakes were gorgeous! Good work! So - - - - when do WE get to try some??? Just sayin' . . .

Liz said...

Marla, Assign me a cupcake task and I will complete it!

christy90 said...

I think some Santa cupcakes similar to the Halloween ones?? that'd be cute with a fluffy white beard, red hat ? :D

Diana said...

From the top angle, the flower you made almost looks like a gardenia.