Friday, December 17, 2010

It's not all about me

I often feel like a blog can be very me, me, me, look at me, MEEEEEEEE. So, why not write about other people who do neat things? Sound good? Okay, cool.

I'm assuming my friend Katie has been interested in cooking since she was a wee child, but I didn't realize how in love with cooking she was until we were out of college. It was around then that she started doing weekly dinners with her friend Sally (her real name). They've been doing weekly dinners for about 3 years I think. Note: I also realized how much she loves cooking when she leased an apartment that is 2/3 kitchen and 1/3 living space.

Sally & Katie trade off cooking each week and make a unique recipe. Well, unique and new to them. When I lived in Seattle I received an open-ended invitation to these dinners whether they were at Sally's or Katie's.  I made dinners for them on occasion, but the burden of feeling like a mooch still weighs heavy on me. Note: I should preface this by mentioning that Katie is one of the most generous and inclusive people I've ever met - if you are new to a city find a Katie. I don't know too many people who would be cool with someone coming over week after week and eating their food.

Katie in the middle with Sally on the left and
Sally's roommate Emily on right

It took me a while to realize that they liked having more people around to eat and critique their food. What is the point of cooking without someone to enjoy it? Why would I make cupcakes without someone to eat them? When I offered to prepare dinner Katie and Sally usually just looked offended like I was taking away their week to cook.

Katie & Sally are now on their (2nd, 3rd?) volume of books documenting their recipes. Every meal they've made was captured by camera and then they compiled a recipe book combining the recipes —I'm assuming only the good ones and not chipotle my-mouth-is-on-fire chicken, right?

Anyway, I bring all this up because Katie's love of making food for others has actually turned into a small side business. When I got engaged Katie and Sally asked if they could cater the wedding. I said of course if it would work with the venue. But then I realized I also wanted Katie to be my bridesmaid. I know the idea of a catering bridesmaid makes some people cringe, so we will just say that somehow that ended up being successful.

Katie cutting lasagna
I had to put this because Katie's mom is adorable

Yummy food! Contact Katie for all your small catering needs!

TANGENT: I like to take credit for the fabulous life changes my wedding created - even if I'm imagining it. Like Erica who was once a lovely and talented photog. I saw her potential fabulousness and tapped her for the wedding. Now she is shooting weddings and engagement photos left and right! Check it

Now, more than a year after my wedding, Katie gets consistent small catering jobs. Her best clients are the people she works with. One woman has Katie cater for all her family events and has her prepare weekly dinners and lunches. Katie and Sally are also currently slated to cater an office Christmas party this season. It is small now, but I think she will continue to grow and maybe one day she can quit her day job! GOOOOOO Katie!

Whether it is photography, food, craftiness, a way with words, etc. I have such wonderfully talented friends. : )


Katie said...

Ahhh.. thanks Liz!!! This was really fun to read someone else's perspective :-) You are such a good friend! Btw, dinner at my house on Monday with Sally....

Joel Graves said...

Thanks for posting that, Liz - Now Katie is going to be audited by the IRS!

Anonymous said...

I loved it, Liz! Maybe after reading this people will be more excited about participating in our progressive dinner which obviously failed at our last attempt :)

Liz said...

I was slightly concerned about licensing issues from the IRS and health inspector. Oh well good luck finding her without a last name! Sally, was the chinese food evening a progressive dinner? Because that was AMAZING! SO GOOD

Jill said...

Why are they making books??? FOOD BLOG! I wanna see!