Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's in a Name?

The boldness of my new blog header got me thinking about something - I LOVE my name. LOOOOVE IT.

Is it the simplicity? The Z? The L? The I? I think it's mostly the Z. Not many names have Zs in them, so I feel blessed to be one of the few. I'm hoping most people do like their names, but I downright adore mine. I feel like it fits me perfectly and I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, I guess I would get rid of the pesky Elizabeth it stemmed from. I loathe Elizabeth as much as I heart Liz.

When you look up the name Elizabeth I'm reminded of how ill fitting it is.
  • Wikipedia says:  Elizabeth or Elisabeth is the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning "God's promise," "oath of God," or "I am God’s daughter." Elizabeth and Elisabeth are the parent unit names of Lisa, and Lilly, and Ella; Elsa, Isabel and Isabella are etymologically related variants.
  • Urban Dictionary #1 says: The most amazing, beautiful, awesome, spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtakeing, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever. Awesome
  • Stats:  Elizabeth has 152 variants and is the #5 most common female name
  • Famous Elizabeths: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Lots of other Royalty, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Aside from Elizabeth being like the oldest name in the world with incredible staying power I don't care for it much at all. Elizabeth Banks is faaaabulous, though. Lets look at Liz
  • Wikipedia says: Liz is a girls' name of Hebrew origin, meaning "God's Promise". Okay, so that's basically the same.
  • Urban Dictionary #1 says: A truly stunning brunette with LARGE bosoms, usually bitingly sarcastic. Wears large sweatshirts much to the disappointment of the entire straight male population. Knows how to make everyone laugh. Everybody loves Liz, unless they totally SUCK.  I do not wear a lot of large sweatshirts, but I am brunette and sarcastic with sizeable bosoms.
  • Stats: Liz has 5 viariant forms and is #955 most common female name
  • Famous Lizs: Liz Lange, Liz Claiborne, Liz Lemon, Liz McNeil

Okay, so although I do not approve of it most of us Lizs wouldn't be where we are today without Elizabeth.


Diana said...

ROFL that the urban dictionary said that. It must have been written by a friend of yours.
I think that all the other descriptions of beauty, strength, personality and blessedness also describe you--you are, as you say--AWESOME.

Diana said...

And where would we be without you?

The Qs said...

Excuse me but I happen to like the name Elisabeth....